Other F.A.Q.

While we are trading at markets, we often get asked these questions. This is to address them:

Can we buy your prints online?
Yes, you can use the 'Buy Now' button below any of the images in the gallery, follow the instructions, and VoilĂ ! it will be on it's way to you.

Where is the exact location of (insert name of particular abandoned building here)?
Sorry, 95% of the time, we don't disclose this information. The more they are known about, the quicker they deteriorate. If one person knows, then more than likely, they will tell their friends... then their friends tell others... etc. Before you know it, the house gets ruined, artefacts get stolen, metal thieves get in... the building gets destroyed. Sadly, not everyone out there has good intentions. Therefore we have one rule for all, and that's tell no one. The 5% where we do say, is for the buildings we know that have been purchased/renovated and are no longer derelict, or if they are demolished etc. We are all about photographing derelict buildings in a way that demonstrates there is still much life and beauty in them. The last thing we want is to contribute to their destruction.

How long have you been photographing abandoned buildings?
For 8 years or so. We have a much wider portfolio of images, but the ones you see are the ones that we decided to make available as prints.

What camera do you use?
We both use Canon DSLR cameras. We have nothing against any other brand of camera. They all can take a good image. A camera is just a tool.

I have taken a nice photo, will you sell it for me?
No. Sorry. We don't sell other people's art/photography, this is not what we are about, nor will it ever be. This is our own body of work, and we are proud to call it our own.

Did you study photography?
We are both totally self-taught. We have no formal qualifications in photography.

Anything that isn't answered here, just give us a shout via our contact us page. We don't bite. :)

We hope this helps answer some questions.