Tandem Photography NI is the photographic images produced through the various adventures and escapades of two Northern Irish photographers. We’re not a company, we’re just us! A couple with a love of photography and adventure throughout Ireland.

We specialise in photographing the Irish landscape & Derelict Ireland.

What is 'Derelict Ireland' - well pretty much it's finding beauty in abandoned buildings. Unnoticed by the majority of the general public, lies hidden this enchanting world. A world where we often tip-toe over dodgy floorboards to document the romanticism of their ruins. Sadly, many beautiful buildings are in a state of deterioration. We aim to bring them to life again, and document them, before damp destroys, bricks crumble and nature reclaims them forever. Through our photography we share the spirit of these buildings, and through viewing these images you can share in our exploration...

Thank you for taking the time to view our work. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed taking them.

Kind Regards,
Tandem Photography NI